Mini DisplayPort

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Mini DisplayPort

Post  swoodford on Wed Nov 05, 2008 5:41 am

Mini DisplayPort is a new type of video connector developed by Apple. It was designed to replace Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI in laptop computers. It is used to display the video signal from laptop computers on large cinema displays. The maximum resolution Mini DisplayPort is capable of is 2560x1600. There are currently adapters to convert Mini DisplayPort signal to VGA, DVI, and Dual-Link DVI. These adapters are expensive though and to convert to a signal other than one that Mini DisplayPort is directly adapter to requires more than one adapter. The port is currently only being used and manufactured by Apple.

1. When was Mini DisplayPort first publicly announced?
2. The resolution 2560x1600 is commonly used on what size displays?
3. What is unsure about the signal used by Mini DisplayPort?
4. What two adapters are needed to convert Mini DisplayPort to HDMI?
5. How many pins are on in a Mini DisplayPort connector?


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