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Introduced my IBM in 1987, stands for Personal system/2. Most often used to plug in a mouse or keyboard. The PS/2 porn is female and the mini-DIN cable is male. The Mini-DIN cable has a metal outer shell that protects the pins from being bent. Mice and modems used to have the same plug and often had IRQ or memory address questions. Then a BUS mouse was created and went in the PS/2 ports. T H E E N D Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised Shocked Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes Wink What a Face What a Face No silent drunken confused bom Basketball afro lol! lol! lol! elephant king albino cherry

is the port male or femal?

what was The PS/2 port was initially?

when was the PS/2 port introduced?

what protects the pins form being bent?

How big is the connector?


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