rj-45 port

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rj-45 port

Post  Lrenner on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:32 pm


rj-45 port is comprised of two parts which are male and female. the main use for rj-45 is ethernet. different types of rj-45 ports or other names for it are 8p8c,8p6c,6p6c. it's replaced many older connecter types because of it's speed and reliability. shape and dimensions of a rj-45 connector are specified for U.S. telephone applications. rj-45 does not have high current or voltage requirments.

1. does rj-45 consist of a single paired component, or two paried components.
2. what is rj-45 also called.
3. what does the rj-45 standard specify?
4. since when has is become universal as the type of connector used on a cable that caaries a single ethernet network.
5. what does 8p8c,8p6c, and 6p6c stand for.


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