USB devices

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USB devices

Post  kbondzinski on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:07 pm

This article shows you how to use the Universal Serial Bus or USB. The USB port can support the keyboard, the mouse, and the operating system. USB is just a quicker way to connect up to 127 devices to a computer. For the USB all you do is plug it in and it works. For Serial and Parallel when you plug in something you have to restart the computer before the device can take effect. The goal the USB devices were made for was to make things simpler on the user.

1)Up to how many devices can you use with USB devices?
2)Name Five things you can connect with USB?
3)What don't you have to do with USB that you have to do with Serial and Parallel ports?
4)Which is quicker USB or Parallel ports?
5)What was the goal for the USB devices?


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