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Anti Virus reviews

Post  g.rank on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:09 pm

Norton comes configured well enough that it can protect a home computer by just having it installed which is good because not many people would know how to work it if there was more configuring. It is always updating about every 5-15 minutes for any new viruses. Also installation of it takes less than a minute now rather than the former long process. Though phone support with them is not cheap, about $9.95 per issue which can be a problem for some people. It isn't as effective with against spyware as it should be either.

AVG has a free version that you can download off the internet which is always good. Its default settings are sufficient for most all computer users. It has one of the top scanning process though it slows down your computer while it is scanning. The downloading and updating process took 10 minutes, longer than Norton but still a good time. You have several different options such as email, FAQs or through phoning in.

McAfee's general settings are enough to protect against most issues like trojans, viruses and worms. McAfee VirusScan 9.0 automatically downloads updated virus definitions from the Internet on a regular basis. You can set it to scan a preprogrammed times and it will also scan for spyware and adware. Installation time will vary from each computer but it is pretty simple. Their email help time takes long, up to a week but they have other options like documentation and phone support.

Kaspersky takes a lot of time to get working properly and you have to have some knowledge about how to set it up, which would be a problem for many who don't know how to work it. Though for anyone who knows how to set it up it can be one of the best options to use. It is great at detecting viruses and malware but is not very good with spyware. Kaspersky updates their signatures every hour and it is all done automatically. For help there are FAQs and a forum you can use but it should be very simple to use and should not have any problems once its setup.

It is one of the easier anti virus softwares to set up and has a simple main interface. Every couple weeks you must manually update it for the newer viruses. Their website has a large FAQ section for any issues you may have and also a Help document with illustrations as well for you.

Zone alarm includes firewall and is one of the cheaper ones you can buy. The program is hard to use and its effectiveness is questionable. Its installation takes less than 5 minutes and is simple to do, guided step by step through wizard. It has many alert pop ups that can make it confusing to use at times. It is not certified by any of the 3 companies like all these other ones are making it unreliable compared to them.

I think the best option is AVG mostly because it is free. You can download it off the internet and it provides most all features you would get with any of the other versions. I would think the worst is zonealarm because it is not up to date with all the other ones, it is clearly the least effective of the 6 listed and is most confusing of all of them to setup and make sure it is working.


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