McAfee Review

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McAfee Review

Post  mhansen411 on Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:58 pm

McAfee is one of the best known ativirus programs out there. I think it is the best because it is the most user friendly compared to the other programs. They have a lot of other programs as well, spyware, malware and trojan horses are all included in the one program.

"McAfee is an industry leader in computer protection and VirusScan is their #1 defense against viruses. This software comes with a ScriptStopper to prevent viruses from propagating from one computer to another via email, and WormStopper.

Some downsides to the program are that it doesn't provide instant message protection, P2P/file sharing protection or registry startup protection. Check out the Gold product if you're looking for these features."


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