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Post  Lrenner on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:31 pm

one major good thing about putting an o/s on a flash drives because it's portable. being able to use the operating system where you want and when you want is a major benefit. another reason to have it is if your only access to a comp. has a login for it and your need a pass. if you want/need to use the comp. you can just plug in your flash drive and you can use the o/s on it instead of having to log in. another benefit to it is thats when you use the o/s it's not really tracable by whoever is using the comp. because what you do doesnt get saved to their hard drive.

one bad thing that might result from using an o/s from a flash drive or cd is that it will probably run slower and it won't be the same as to if you have the o/s installed directly on your computer.



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