Is that a bootable disk in your pocket..?

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Is that a bootable disk in your pocket..?

Post  mchesler on Fri Jan 30, 2009 11:30 pm


Some good things about carrying an os around with you, either on a disk or a flash drive:
- You can use pretty much any computer, as long as it has a disk drive or usb ports. So you can use any computer, without needing to know silly things like passwords, or who owns it.
- If you come across a wounded computer in the wilderness, with a damaged operating system on it, you can rescue files or just try to fix it with your handy-dandy live disk.

Some bad things about it:
- CDs don't fit in pockets too well, unless you wear cargo pants. And even then...
- It's slow to load.
- If you're running off of a disk, you can't use any other disks unless you have another drive.
- People might think you have malicious intentions(I know none of us do, of course) and take action.


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