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Youtube Project

Post  jlunkes973 on Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:30 am

The youtube project was overall very frustrating. The project Ben and I were assigned wasn't the greatest. We had to install Fedora(linux based os) on to one of the old laptops in the back. What should of been an easy assignment turned into a difficult one with everything tht could possibly go wrong going wrong. first off iso recorder didn't work so we spent the first day looking for a similar program. The next day we started installing Fedora only to be slapped in the face by the fact tht the laptop hardware didn't meet the requirements. We then spent the rest of the week attempting multiple installs of different linux based operating systems. After trying various linux systems including mandrake and redhat, Mr. Reichelt ending up giving Ben and i a new assignment. To find the affects that RAM has on an OS, as well as discuss problems we had with our original project. We worked on that Friday and quickly recorded the video monday. Tuesday we put the various videos together, and spent the day converting then uploading. Overall i didn't like the specific assignment(the original one) as it seemed pointless to install anything new on that old of hardware. There wasnt any reason to do it. And as for making the video, it could of been fun had we not spent all the time we were supposed to be recording finding more linux OS that wont work. I think projects like this have potential but so far i have not had any form of a good time with them. Researching things ourselves is a good idea and you know the info is on the internet but its hard to find such esoteric things on the internet. I learned not to rely on the internet as much and this project has been more discouraging than anything else. self-esteem = all time low.


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