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1.What were some problems you faced during this activity?
2.Why do you think Mr. Reichelt had you do this project? (Hint: It was the same reason for everyone)
3.What have you learned from the activity?
4.Do you feel more or less confident in your abilities to solve problems? Why?

1.Some problems i had was that we had a faulty printer server so the printer never got on to the network. Another problem we had was that Mr.Greenwald turned off that network that the printer was connected to.And every time we tried to connect a computer to the printer it didn't detect the computer that the printer was on so the printer was never able to come through and communicate with our computers.
2.I think Mr.Reichelt made us do this project was to work with people we knew or didn't know before. It also taught us how to convert SWF files to Avi,MP4,wmv,and flv format so we can upload our videos to youtube.
3. I learned how to set up a printer to the network so every computer in the room is able to print from one printer rather than multiple amounts of printers.
4. I feel more confident about my abilities to solve problems. The reason is because I know that there are multiple ways to do things. Like with the printer when we found out that the printer was faulty we just connected it to the main network and turned on the network and just set the printer up through all the computers in the room and they all work


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