~Youtube Project: Problems~

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~Youtube Project: Problems~

Post  swoodford on Tue Dec 09, 2008 6:02 am

The movie making activity was overall a pretty tough one for Steven and I. We had two different projects during the week because I wasn't here one of the days we were working on the project and Steven was having some problems. We both faced a lot of problems during the project though including computers not working, commands we found not working, and knowing what to do even though we couldn't accomplish it.

The purpose of the experiment was to teach ourselves how to do something with computers. Most of the groups made movies showing how to do what they learned but Steven and I had to make a video about our problems with completing the projects we were supposed to do. Others can learn from the videos because they're probably easier to understand since they are being made by people within our age and knowledge groups.

In the project I learned many things including how to install Linux and a lot of different Linux commands. I also learned how to connect multiple monitors to a single computer. We never ended up completing any of our projects, except the movie, but we did learn a lot.

After this project, my confidence in solving problems is about the same even though Steven and I weren't successful in solving any of the problems. If we were given more time, I feel we would have been able to complete our projects.


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