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Post  jrichardson on Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:33 am

I was assigned to make a video on how to rip a dvd and then convert that file into the divx and xvid format. There were a few problems durring this project. The first was all of the diffrent ways to acomplish one task, there were posts all over the internet on how to do this and so many programs to achomlish this one task. But many of these walkthroughs were vague and didnt tell you what ot do when the program didnt work. Me and my partner soon figured out what was wrong and found many good programs to acomplish the task at hand. The only other hard part was setting up and narrating the video which i do not believe i did a good job on. But all in all it was cool how i lreaned that you needed to decode the video and then change the format to play the video. I also learned the difference between xvid and the divx codecs, which were that one is owned by a company and one is free. I think Mr.r had us do this because he wants us to learn how to solve problems on our own and i have confidence in my ablity to solve a problem with a computer, as long as i have the internet afro


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